About three weeks ago, I think it was, I posted that I had decided to “wimp out” on the TNIV. I was frustrated that Zondervan had fallen down on the job and failed to market the TNIV Bible as well as I thought they should, and so I was just not going to use it any more until they figured out how they were going to straighten the situation out.

Well, a few days ago I was thinking about this. I still really like the TNIV translation, and it dawned on me: the TNIV is the latest revision of the NIV. It’s the best and most up-to-date NIV money can buy … so why shouldn’t I use it???

I still hold out hope that Zondervan will decide to market it properly. For all I know, they may even decide to incorporate most of the changes made in making the TNIV into a new revision of the NIV simply called the NIV! (But that’s only my own speculation, so don’t expect it to happen or look for it!) If that should happen, then I would have to re-evaluate my use of the TNIV, but not before then.

As it is, I will continue to use the TNIV frequently if not exclusively, and I will do my own word-of-mouth advertising for it. I will encourage other people to buy it and use it.

And I’ll let Zondervan and IBS worry about marketing it.