In recent days I have seen a number of blog lists here in the blogosphere, like the twenty most influential blogs, the ten best Bible translation blogs, etc. Today our good friend Peter M. Lopez posts about a new list from the (Link removed by request), a list on which we can find Peter’s own blog.

I enjoy reading Peter’s writing, and I don’t fault him one bit for tooting his own horn on this. I imagine that if my blog was on such a list I’d probably write a post about it, too!

Well, I looked through this latest list, all the different categories, and you know, I didn’t find this blog listed…anywhere!

But I’m not gonna sit here and cry in my beer about it. All those other blogs are written by guys who are much more single-minded and mentally disciplined. I can’t do that. I’m just too scatter-brained. I write about whatever I happen to be thinking about. Sometimes I write about scripture passages and their theology; sometimes about a particular point of theology; sometimes I write about the Bible translations themselves. I write about my church; I write about my denomination. I write about the weather; I write about politics. Sometimes I write about my job. Heck, sometimes I even write about baseball!

I can see the reason I wasn’t included in this latest list: I’m just too hard to categorize!

Over the past couple years I spent a lot of time writing about Bible translations, and even did a few reviews for Tyndale House Publishers. During that time my hit-count went way up. People were reading this blog (and my previous blog). The Google bots had been here, and often my posts would show up in their searches, and folks would stop by and read what I had to say.

Well, now I have drifted away a bit from that kind of writing. I got burned out as far as the Bible translation stuff is concerned, although I’m still paying close attention to it. But now I’m tending to write more about my own life experiences, and not quite as many people are stopping by.

But that’s OK. Maybe there will be more people coming here who are interested in reading that kind of stuff. We’ll see.

Back when I first started blogging, I had it in my mind that I would write whatever I wanted, for the purpose of putting my own thoughts down in writing, and I wouldn’t worry about anybody who just happened to read it. But then when I started reading at the Better Bibles Blog, I started having questions, and instead of e-mailing the guys there, I became bolder and asked in the comments section after the posts. I got to know some people, and they started coming to my blog to see what I had to say. I have made some very good friends here on the blogs, and I can’t imagine not having open comments on my blog. This is so much better when you’re not doing it just for yourself! There are lots of nice, like-minded folks out there, and it’s been a real privilege to get to know some of you!

Lists are fine. But blogs are better!