When you’re saying your prayers today, please send one up for me. I’m fighting some nasty crud now for the first time this winter.

It first hit me last Saturday night; coughing, sneezing, choking. I felt so rotten by morning that we decided to stay home from church. Then Monday came along, and I took my daughter to school and went to the shop, but I felt so bad that I left again as soon as my co-worker got there. He said, “Why are you here? Go home.” So I did, and I stayed home Tuesday, too.

Things seems to stabilize a bit, so I came to work Wednesday, and again today. I’m not feeling too badly at this time, and I may be on the upswing on this crud.

So why am I making such a big thing out of a simple cold, that I’m even writing a blog post about it? Well, over the last ten years or so I have become very susceptible to pneumonia, for some dumb reason. Over that period I’ve had it some four times, I believe, and have come really close two or three other times. I get this post-nasal drip, and it goes right down my throat and invades my lungs. I quickly learned that it’s nothing to fool around with. When I feel my lungs start to rattle, I get to the doctor!

I’ve been really fortunate this winter, as this is the first real cold I’ve caught so far. That’s very unusual for me; I usually catch one in October or November and it holds on until April!

So anyway, I would appreciate it if you could remember to send up a prayer for me today, that I would recover my health and go on to have a more comfortable winter/spring.