A couple years ago I started a blog. My local church had a website, and both my pastor and his wife had multiple blogs, and I had a blog, but our church didn’t have a blog. So I decided this was a project I would take on myself. I envisioned a team blog, with our pastor contributing at least occasionally, and I hoped a few others in my church would also write for it.

Our church is named for the street it sits on – Belgrade Avenue. So I originally titled the blog the Belgrade Blog. However, within a few months it became clear that title wouldn’t work. I had people e-mailing me from other parts of the world who wanted to come to our church to visit the Serbian priests. ??? I quickly realized they thought we were in the city of Belgrade, in the former country of Yugoslavia, now Serbia. So I went with the acronym for our church and called it the BAUMC Blog.

Well, time rolled on, and the pastor never wrote anything for the blog. I was only able to get one other person to volunteer to write, and in the end he never wrote anything. I wrote it all. (Or I should say, I posted it all. Much of what I posted was articles I had found on the internet by other authors.)

Almost nobody ever commented, either. I did discover that I had two or three members of the church who enjoyed reading the blog and read it regularly.

The webmaster of our church website did link to the blog on the church website, and that’s really about the only way anybody from the church ever found it. I think most of my readers turned out to be folks from across the country and around the world who happened upon it when they did a search for a particular subject. I was averaging two hits per day.

Well, I was frustrated, as you can probably imagine. The folks who like the blog told me they wanted me to continue, but they were about the only ones who ever read it. Finally, about a week ago, I had had all I could take. I took complete control of the blog (as if I didn’t have it already), changed the template, the title, and the policies, and eliminated the team. It was now my blog, and mine alone.

I figure if I’m going to continue being a very-lonely evangelically-minded Methodist at my United Methodist Church, I’m going to say what I want and make my voice heard. While I will continue to link to my local church and talk about some local issues, I am going to speak to the greater UMC. I’m not going to be afraid to name names, and I will be responsible for my own words. If there are wolves among the sheep – and there are many – they will be exposed, if I can and any way that I can.

So if it seems I have neglected this blog this week, and in the future also, it’s because I am also writing important stuff for my other blog, too.

By the way, if you’d like to see what I’m doing, here’s the link.