I know, it’s been a little while since I actually posted something here on this blog, but, you know, I’ve been busy.

I took control of my church blog and changed it over into my own personal blog, but with an emphasis on things United Methodist. I started writing things that many of the more liberal/progressive United Methodists would not approve of, but which I felt it was necessary that my fellow UMs needed to hear. You see, the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ has rarely been heard in the UMC for many, many years, and I decided that if I wanted it to be done, I might have to get involved myself.

I’ve been posting a few articles by other evangelically-minded UMs, but also have been writing some on my own. And I’ve written a couple things that got my blog some attention, including a personal e-mail from the head of the Reconciling Ministries Network, a pro-gay organization that operates within the UMC to promote the gay agenda. He tried to sway me from posting what I did, but when I considered my positions, I made little change, and I intend to keep my blog, the Methodist Reveille, a beacon of what I believe the UMC should stand for.

I was really frustrated with that blog in its original form. Even when I started posting things that were more controversial, I got almost no activity. I was averaging about two hits per day. Since taking it over and changing it, I now am averaging 20 hits per day, and had a high of 48 a few days ago. My posts are also showing up on the Wesley Report, a blog/website about United Methodist news, life, and culture. I don’t think everybody who is linked on that website is from the evangelical side of the fence, either. But it gets my blog noticed, and hopefully the people of the UMC, and not just the liberal clergy will read what I have to say. (By the way, I recommend the Wesley Report to you as well. It’s interesting reading!)

I’m gonna try and write some more here on the Sundry Times now. I still have interests that fit this blog better than the other, and I certainly have some fine friends who read (and write!) on these blogs.

But anyway, that’s where I’ve been, in case you noticed I’ve been AWOL.