I’ve been noticing quite a bit of discussion the last few days regarding Zondervan’s marketing (or lack thereof) of the TNIV Bible. Well, I was having a little difficulty reading a few epistles in my NASB last night, so I took out my NIV and TNIV, as well as my HCSB, and did a little comparing.

You know, I really like the TNIV. I really do! But it gets so frustrating when it seems like they’re (meaning Zondervan) not doing a thing to promote it. The TNIV is clearly a superior translation over the NIV; as I’ve said repeatedly, it’s got the accuracy of the NASB with the easy-readability of the NIV.

So I’m reading along in my TNIV last night, wondering why in the world they don’t push it. Indeed, it appears that they’re letting it languish on the vine. There are now fewer editions available, not more. And it’s getting harder and harder to find exactly what you want.

So how bad is the NIV? It’s a very good translation. If you read it after becoming familiar with the TNIV, you may notice some of the corrections they made to the translation, though most of them don’t really stick out. It reads easily and comfortably. If they never came out with the TNIV, I could still be quite comfortable with the NIV. And it’s available in just about any type and style you might want, from young and wild, to old and traditional.

OK, so I take a look at what’s available in a NIV and for how much, and the price almost takes my breath away, even looking at Christianbook.com! Compared to the offerings from Crossway, Holman, Foundation, and Nelson, it’s pretty high. Zondervan gives you bonded leather for a higher price than what Foundation wants for genuine leather and Smyth-sewn binding on a new NASB.

I guess my old NIV is still in too good a shape to replace it. I’ve got a NIV SB that’s still in great shape, too. I guess when I get my tax refund I’ll just replace my trusty old NASB and keep using that. I’ve got a long time to wait before my NIVs and TNIVs wear out.

But there is one thing I want to say to Zondervan: Please, PLEASE give us some clue what you’re gonna do with the TNIV!