Joseph at The Methodist Thinker writes:

The United Methodist General Board of Church and Society (GBCS) is urging rescission of a federal regulation that seeks to protect doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other medical employees who refuse to participate in care they feel violates their moral or religious beliefs.

The Obama administration has indicated its intent to rescind the “Provider Refusal Rule” and is allowing an official 30-day period of public comment on the issue.

Of course, like all other evangelically-minded conservative United Methodists, I think it’s a terrible thing for the Obama administration to seek to rescind that regulation, and I intend to make my own comments to the government on that.

But what frosts me today is the fact that our own leaders of our church are urging that it be done, not only as private citizens, but as speaking for the church!

Now I think it’s high time we figure out how we can stop this practice of our liberal/progressive “leaders” presuming to speak for us! They don’t represent us or our beliefs, or the beliefs of traditional orthodox Christians of any denomination.

It’s time for these so-called “leaders” to shut-up or get out. We don’t need or want them speaking for us!

If the UMC boards and agencies cannot or will not represent the views of the majority of our members and the traditional Christian Faith, stand up for life and the rights of medical people to refuse to perform abortions, etc., for conscience reasons, then they shouldn’t speak on the subject at all!

Our liberal “leaders”, as they push their anti-life and anti-American agenda, are a source of tremendous embarrassment and heartache for the majority of the members of our godly church, and themselves are one of the major reasons for so many good believers to exit our denomination.

Sure, our church is a bureaucracy and moves at the pace of a glacier when it comes to doing what is true and right. But enough of an outcry could have an effect, don’t you think?