Has it ever hit you that the world is changing, and you don’t like what it is becoming?

Does it ever bother you that what you once considered wild and crazy is now passe?

Do you find the noise the kids consider music these days is starting to drive you crazy? Do you find that some of the music you liked as a kid is now too noisy, and you prefer the music of an earlier generation, and even classical music?

Does it bother you that rappers are now considered mainstream? Does it bother you to see gangsta rappers held up as role models for our youth?

Does it bother you that you can’t go to church without being assaulted by wild music and video, when what you really want is to be still, and know that He is God?

Do you say, “What’s this world coming to?” when you see that the Dept. of Homeland Security is now calling you and people like you who are conservative, pro-life, Christian believers who love this country and those who have served her, the greatest domestic terrorist threat to America?

Why does the world seem to be turning upside-down? Why do they call what is good, bad; and what is bad, good? What has happened to virtue?

I no longer wonder why so many old people seem grumpy all the time.

And I’m only 56.

Where would I be without the Faith?