There’s a little desktop meme going on around here. Everybody is challenged to take a picture of their desk where they do their computer stuff. Some are messy, some are amazingly neat. If you think yours looks bad, take a look at mine:

Sorry it’s a little blurred; I took it with my cell phone camera. I think you can see most everything, though: the homemade desk with the computer on top, the metal folding chair, the garbage can full of pop cans on the left side and the can crusher on the wall above it. That dark shape over on the right side is several windshields in a floor rack, along with my black winter work coat thrown over the top of a couple of them. A couple city maps adorn the wall above the desk, and you should be able to see the nice ceramic tile floor we have in this shop (it used to be a pizza shop).

What you probably can’t make out in the picture are a couple little auto glass industry magazines, some other paperwork, and several coffee cup stix to plug the hole in the cap of the coffee cup (you know what they are if you frequent any of the expensive coffee shops around). The black shape on the right side of the desk is my elbow brace I use to help me out when I’m doing “real” work installing windshields.

Since I took the picture, I have now added to my desktop a can of root beer, a napkin, and my nice blue work cap. I’m not gonna take another picture, so you’ll have to imagine those!

Well, it may be a mess, but it’s my mess!