Yesterday was pay-day around here. We had been very busy the last few months, and so the boss decided to give us all a bit of a bonus. It was nice to see an extra $150 on the paycheck.

Well, I have been thinking for quite some time that I really need to replace my favorite NASB Giant-print Personal Size Reference Bible from Zondervan. The poor thing had held up admirably for a number of years, and now was just literally falling apart. So I took some of that bonus money and headed out to the local Lighthouse Book & Gift store. I knew that they carry a fair assortment of NASB Bibles there, and I knew they carry a particular version I was interested in: The NASB Large-print Ultrathin Reference Bible from Foundation Publications.

I knew they had one there, when I stopped there a few weeks ago, and sure enough, I walked in and quickly found it. It was burgundy bonded leather. I picked it up and opened the box, and looked it over to be sure there were no serious defects, and then I told the young lady at the counter, “I’ll take this one.” I plunked down my $35 and headed out the door.

I was a little concerned that my wife might get a little upset if I brought home another Bible, but I reasoned with myself that since we got a fair amount of money back from our taxes, and I didn’t ask to get a computer, that I could say this was a reasonable purchase. Besides, she knew I wanted to replace my old NASB. In fact, this past weekend we were in the Twin Cities, and walked by the Borders store in the Rosedale Mall, and she had suggested that I go in and browse their Bible selection. But I had declined, as the day was drawing to a close and so was my energy, and I just wanted to get some supper and hit the highway for home.

When I brought the new Bible home yesterday and showed my wife, she pretended to be angry for a few moments. But she realized I had been careful and reasonable. And so, in the end she was fine with my purchase.

You may wonder why I bought an ultrathin. Well my friends, you should take a look at one of these. It is anything but ultrathin! My co-worker, when he saw it yesterday here in the shop, said it looks every bit as big and hefty as his MacArthur Study Bible. I don’t understand why they call it ultrathin.

Be that as it may, I really like this new Bible! The bonded leather is so nice, it’s so soft and flexible right out of the box that I’d almost swear that it’s genuine leather! It’s burgundy, with gold page edging, and a single red ribbon marker. The large-print font is something like 10.5 or 11 pt, so it’s quite easy to read. It’s set in two columns of text with a center column of those wonderful NASB references and text notes. It’s Smyth-sewn, even though it’s bonded leather, so the whole package should be quite durable. It lays flat right out of the box, too! The paper is silky smooth and very opaque, so there’s almost no bleed-through or shadowing. And one of the very best features is that it’s black letter! There’s not a red letter in the whole thing!

So, if it seems that I’m neglecting my blogging in the near future, I’m very likely just staying home enjoying my new Bible!