(Excerpted from the article by Andrew C. Thompson at Gen-X Rising)

I personally approach these kinds of moments at annual conference with fear and trembling. The parliamentary procedure that we use does not allow for the kind of holy conferencing needed to discuss matters of importance to the church. And yet, we do not seem capable of finding another way. That means that we will be forced to decided whether, and to what extent, we should amend the Constitution of the church based off of a flawed system and an impoverished discussion.

As I have reflected on the various amendments, I’ve come to have deep reservations about many of them. And my reservations are often for reasons that do not seem to show up in the discussions going on elsewhere. So over the past few weeks I’ve been organizing my thoughts. Below you’ll find a link to a commentary on Amendment 1, the amendment that would change the “membership article” in the Book of Discipline:

“Amendment 1 (without the baggage)”

If you care about the coherence of how we understand ourselves as a church, please read this short essay. And feel free to pass it along to others.