Well, I got the call from the nice ladies at the Lighthouse book and gift store yesterday – my new (replacement) NASB Bible had come in. My first opportunity to go get it was after work, between 4:30 and 5:00.

So I hopped in the van and trundled up the hill to their store, walked in and told the young lady behind the counter that I had received a phone call earlier in the day, telling me that my Bible had come in. She asked my last name, and quickly found the new Bible. (I had turned in the defective one Saturday. I had misunderstood what I was told the first time I went in, and so I had gone in to check on the progress. The lady at that time told me Foundation wanted the defective one back, so I gladly turned it in.)

We took the new one out of the box, all beautiful and burgundy. I opened it up and inspected the cover – it looked better – and quickly looked over the rest as well. I put it back in the box, made sure I had all the paperwork, and headed home.

At home I took the time to look the new Bible over more carefully. The cover is definitely glued better. When I took the first one back, the lady looked it over and said it appeared the manufacturer had apparently run low on glue, and so the inside paper/leather was glued too lightly, and after a few days it began to peel. The new one, while it still doesn’t look quite as solid as all my other Bibles, definitely looks stronger than the first. I can’t get it to pull away from the cover hardly at all. So rather than inadvertently wrecking it myself, I’m just going to leave it alone completely from now on. If it peels, it will have to do it on its own.

This new Bible had not spent months sitting vertically on the store shelf, being handled by numerous possible customers, so it was in much better shape. It apparently was stored horizontally, so it didn’t develop the “sag” in the binding I talked about previously. The bonded leather cover is more perfect than the other one was; perhaps a bit stiffer, probably because it was glued better. And since it had not been handled hardly at all before I got it, the gold gilding on the page edges is nearly perfect. (That won’t last long!) In fact, one of the first things I did with this Bible last night was to go through and separate all the pages.

I need to say it once again. The paper in this Bible is amazing! It’s supposedly fine French Bible paper, and though it is quite thin, it is almost totally opaque. There is virtually no shadowing or bleed-through from the other side of the page, to say nothing of shadowing from other pages. And the paper is smooth and dull-finished, so you get almost no glare off the page either, making it a pleasure to read. The pages also are very easy to turn without getting more than one page at a time. In fact, it sometimes surprises me because I often think I have two pages when I only have one. But the paper isn’t that thick!

So, I now have my Bible back, and I think it will be a workhorse for years to come. Even so, I’m hanging onto the box and all the paperwork!