One of my bestest internet buddies, Peter M. Lopez, who writes the very fine blog “Beauty of the Bible”, has honored our friendship by bestowing upon me an award called “Noblesse Oblige”. The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary tells us that it comes from the French, and means literally, nobility obligates. In English, the concept is defined as “the obligation of honorable, generous, and responsible behavior associated with high rank or birth.”

I don’t know why Peter decided I should be awarded this; I certainly wasn’t born into nobility, although it may be said that I have now been adopted into the family of the King of Kings. I do try to be honorable, generous, and responsible.

Or maybe he was just looking for someone to nominate!

At any rate, here I am!

This award is like so many other memes, in that it comes with a bit of an obligation. There are rules. And here they are, as Peter wrote them on his blog: “award recipients should post the logo, nominate and link up to nine people worthy of the award, and recognize the person who nominated them with a little link love.”

And so, in no particular order, I nominate the following:

Rick Mansfield at This Lamp

Joe Myzia at Blaugmenting Your Christian Worldview

ElShaddai Edwards at He is Sufficient

Kevin Sam, newly ordained and now pastoring his church, at New Epistles

Brent Kercheville at Christian Monthly Standard

James Gibson, formerly a United Methodist pastor, now an Anglican, at Sanctus

Finally, my pastor Rev. Bart Fletcher at A Whole New World and his wife Claudia Fletcher at Never a Dull Moment. Claudia especially is a prolific blogger; Bart tends to give us the deeper, more theological thoughts. Both their blogs are worthy of our perusal.

Sometimes I tend to ignore the memes. They can be time consuming, and I have to go through and find someone to “tag”, and sometimes I just really don’t care that much. This one is a bit different. This is supposed to be an “award”, and if nothing else, it can make us think a bit if we care to dig into the meaning a little. So I tried to put a little more thought into deciding whom to tag. If I tagged you, I guess that means I think you’re someone special. If I didn’t tag you, that doesn’t mean I think any less of you, so take it for what it’s worth.