Our dear big brother-in-the-Lord Maxie Dunnam was chagrined a few days ago to discover that he had been “mashed-up” on YouTube. You see, Bro. Maxie had gone on YouTube a couple times with recordings of himself discussing the Amendments to the Constitution of the UMC which have been, and are now continuing to be voted on at our UMC Annual Conferences. And I might add, he did a fine job with those videos.

But someone had taken those videos and “mashed them up” digitally and technologically. Now I’m sure I’m already making my own ignorance of this process quite obvious. Like Maxie, I’m no spring chicken either. But you can go to YouTube and search for “Maxie Mashup” and view the video and judge it for yourself.

Maxie himself thinks maybe the person who did it was trying to discredit the message he was attempting to put forth, and maybe he’s right. Then again, maybe it was just a kid trying to have a little fun.

It can really be a surprise for us oldsters who “stick our necks out” on the internet to discover there’s somebody with a little axe trying to chop it off!

But we have to decide how much risk we are willing to take to try and get our message across. The internet is a wonderful tool for spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s also a wonderful tool for advancing our own personal agendas. I’m sure that Maxie, like me, is willing to do whatever to spread the Gospel, and it’s no shock to discover we have opposition on the internet.

Now a lot more people know who Maxie Dunnam is than who know who I am, and I see he’s pretty careful about how much information he puts on his websites about himself, and how much interaction with his readers he is open to. I see I can’t make any comments on his blog; he’s disabled that feature. I see he doesn’t have any e-mail address visible on the blog either. So I just want to write a bit of an open message to him here – he might even see it!

Bro. Maxie, I’m standing here with you! We know there are those who oppose our work just as they oppose the Gospel itself. But don’t let ’em get to you, and don’t let ’em slow you down. Don’t worry if they mash you up. They sure mashed up the Lord Jesus too, didn’t they? Let’s just go arm-in-arm; they can’t keep us down! Just keep on keepin’ on!