Dr. Albert Mohler has written an excellent post on his blog concerning homosexuality, sin, and pride. He speaks of our current president’s proclamation of June being LGBT Pride Month, and compares this most recent proclamation with a similar proclamation issued by President Clinton back in 2000. He concludes with these paragraphs:

“Those citizens who believe that morality is mere social construction can go along with this. Those who believe that homosexuality is morally positive will champion the call for gay pride. Most Americans will probably give passing attention to the President’s call. But Christians committed to the authority of the Bible as the Word of God cannot find pride in sin. To do so is not only to confuse sin, but to undermine the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Morally serious persons must take the President’s proclamation as a morally serious act. As such, it demands a response. Evangelical Christians dare not respond with a claim of moral superiority as if we are not ourselves sinners. But we must be clear that we cannot find pride in sin, whether these are our own sins or those of others. The Gospel of Christ simply does not allow us to see sin — any sin — as a matter of pride.”

I highly recommend that you click the link and read Dr. Mohler’s entire well-thought-out and well-written article.