I was just looking through the Zondervan website, looking for TNIV Bibles, and I noticed that the TNIV Reference Bible is not listed at all. I see ChristianBook and Amazon still carry it, but it seems to me that Zondervan could be trying to tell us something.

As has been said before, the TNIV is the best Bible nobody ever read.

I have also been intrigued these last couple days by a Bible I’ve run across in my search for a different NASB Bible – the NASB Quick Study Bible. It’s put out by Nelson Bibles, has a relatively large type, and includes a mix of book introductions, what appear to be cross-references or topic chains, and a few study notes. It’s not really a study Bible, but it’s not really a reference Bible either. It’s kind of a mix. But it looks like something I could be interested in buying.

If you look for it real hard, you might be able to find it at the Nelson website. When I try and look it up at ChristianBook, I notice the choices have dwindled down to just a couple, where they used to have 10 or 12 different variations, from several different colors of imitation leather, through several colors of bonded leather, with or without finger indexing. Now ChristianBook lists four choices, and only two of those give you a product to look at. So this may be a party for which I’m arriving late. (I’m not sure Nelson is too enthusiastic about carrying NASBs in their product line.) If you want one of these, you might want to move fast. If not, well, there are other Bibles out there worth looking at.