I think all the Major League Baseball teams should be within the space of two time zones, the Eastern and the Central.

Now before you get all upset with me and start firing off nasty e-mails, let me say I’m not really serious. Of course. But consider this:

My Minnesota Twins are playing on the west coast this week. They finished a series with the Mariners in Seattle, and have now played two games of a four-game series with the A’s at Oakland. Three of the four games at Oakland are night games, which means a 9:10pm first pitch for us here in Minnesota. And some of us gotta get up in the morning!

Last night I watched what I could until I got sleepy. (You can do that with baseball. Unlike football, in baseball each game is only one of 162, so it rarely matters all that much. That’s one thing I like about baseball.) The Twins were leading 1-0 when I turned the TV off. Sometimes if I wake up within an hour or two of falling asleep, I’ll turn the TV on and check to see how the game is coming, but last night I slept until about 3:00am before waking a bit, realizing it was way too late for the game to be still on, and going back to sleep.

I got up this morning and flipped the TV on to ESPN, and caught the sports ticker at the bottom of the screen. It said the final score was 10-5, the Twins won. There were home runs by Morneau and Kubel, but it also said Oakland scored all five of their runs in the bottom of the 9th.

Y’know, I think I missed something!

It sounds like things got pretty nerve-wracking for Twins skipper Ron Gardenhire in the 9th inning! Man, you build up a 10-0 lead, and then watch the opponents start hitting the ball and scoring runs! That third out must have been a tremendous relief for Gardy!

Now, if the A’s were still in Kansas City (I know, that was a long time ago!) the game would have been over before I had to go to bed. I would have gotten to see the homers and all the runs scored, and all the plays on both sides.

I think it’s a good argument for putting all the MLB teams within two time zones, don’t you think? When the Twins play an east coast team, they play an hour earlier, even. Than makes for a nice, pleasant evening of watching baseball. None of this late game stuff! Who knows, the players could even be dealing with jet lag, and may not play up to their abilities when they have to travel too far.

So let’s all write to Bud Selig and beg him to move all the teams to the eastern and central time zones, OK?