That’s what I’m doing here right now – dinging around.

My blogging friends on the biblioblogs have been recommending a switch to WordPress. Those who are using WP have been touting it as superior, and so I’m taking a serious look at this place.

I had a WP blog several years ago before I settled in at Blogger. I ended up deleting that blog, but sometime last year I set this blog up as an experiment. I didn’t like the templates I found, and I thought it was not as easy to make changes here as it is on Blogger, but I also realize that a big part of my problem was that I hadn’t learned this software. I didn’t know how to make it work.

So now I am making a serious effort to actually learn the “system” here at WP and see if I can become as comfortable and satisfied here as I am over there.

While I like how easy it is to make changes at Blogger, I have never really been very enamored of any of their templates, so I was never very satisfied with the way my blog looked. I do think that this, and several other templates here at WP are much more attractive than any I ever found at Blogger, which will probably make me more satisfied with the appearance over a longer period of time.

Anyway, that’s what I’m doing here right now – learning the ropes. Maybe someday soon I will be actually making the switch.

(After all, I made the switch from Caribou Coffee to Dunn Bros. Coffee, and I’m very happy about that, too!)