In between my “real” jobs, I’m keeping myself busy here at this blog, and working on setting up my other Methodist blog, importing posts and comments, etc.

I really liked the template I used here to start with; Sapphire, I think it was called. But it had the pages on links on the sidebar. I liked the pages on the tabs on my header. That’s why I switched over to this theme. I don’t care quite as much for the appearance of this one, but I guess it’s pretty good. It’s better than just about anything I tried over at Blogger. I was never happy with any of their themes for very long; in fact, I guess I was never very happy with any of their themes.

When I find time, I’m going to do a little research and find out how to put an image or two on my sidebar. I’d like to put my “biblioblog” badge on there somewhere.

(I’ve got to get used to hitting the “enter” key only once to move down two lines. I keep hitting it twice and going down four lines! Oh well,…)

I’ve gotten my Methodist blog set up pretty well now; chose the theme and imported the posts from Blogger. I’ll continue to work on that over the next few days.

OK, back to my “real” job. They don’t pay me to do this stuff. (But I like this better!)