Why do I always feel so crappy on Monday mornings? I don’t drink, so that’s not the problem. I do eat too much, but I’m trying to cut down. I didn’t overeat this weekend.

Most weekday mornings I get up and go to work, usually starting the day feeling all right, and I feel even better after I walk a lap around the mall, and then get to work.

Today I got up feeling lousy, didn’t walk the mall because I felt lousy, got my large cup of coffee which has helped me wake up, but I still feel down.

I know, I should have walked the mall. That usually brings me up out of it a bit.

I think part of the problem is that I went up to the cities yesterday for a baseball game (see upcoming post) instead of going to church. Plus the weather has been, and currently is, kinda yucky. Yesterday was gray and drizzly, with storms in the evening; followed by heat and humidity today. My co-worker and I were already outside doing a windshield, and it was unhealthy out there already at 9:00am.

Well, today doesn’t look too bad for work, and I’m inside the cool shop for a few hours now, so maybe I’ll be OK today.