I know you folks down in the south have hotter temperatures than we do up here in Minnesota right now, but believe me, we have our share. Yesterday we got up to 95, and they predict that it will be even hotter today. Plus, the humidity is very high right now, with a dew point sitting right above 70. That’s miserable, especially for an old coot like me who starts sweating when the temp goes above 65!

Yesterday afternoon I got a call on my cell phone from my wife, telling me she couldn’t keep the air conditioner running. Now the house is a mobile home, that is, manufactured housing. We bought it brand new back in 1992, but it didn’t have central air, so after putting up with the heat for a while, we bought a nice new GE 15000 btu window air conditioner. It worked great for a number of years, then it started blowing breaker switches on hot days. Yesterday it was doing that frequently enough to cause my wife’s phone call.

When I got home from work, it was clear we needed to do something. We thought (not being electrical engineers) that maybe it was caused by the 10-foot appliance extension cord, because the end where the air conditioner plugs into was blackened. It had always worried us that the cord tended to get quite hot during use. So we trundled out to Menards and bought a couple shorter, more heavy-duty cords.

We came home, and i plugged the new cord in and turned on the AC. It ran ten minutes and blew the circuit breaker. My wife and I looked at each other, and said, “I think it’s time to buy an air conditioner.”

Back out to Menards. We found a 15000 btu Frigidaire (good name for an air conditioner!) for $360, bought it and hauled it home. We called our big, strong, husky son, who happily came over to help with the removal of the old AC unit and the installation of the new one. It’s actually a long story, but we’ll shorten it by saying our son was a great help with the job. It still took until almost 10:00pm to finish the job, but it would have taken longer without him.

We got the unit installed, plugged in, and turned on. It ran like a top! It cooled all night and never blew a circuit breaker, drew the humidity out of the house, and has continued to operate flawlessly today. I guess maybe 17 years is a little too long for an air conditioner to work well.

Plus, the new AC unit is far advanced electronically compared to the old one. No more mechanical dials to turn, this thing actually has a remote control! It’s not quite as entertaining as the remote for the TV, but it kept me excited last night!

Now, we’ll see how many years this one lasts. It sure is a nice one!