Well, the news has come down this afternoon that the Minnesota State Supreme Court has ruled that Democrat Al Franken won the senate election here in Minnesota last fall.

You remember Al Franken – the comedian?

The State Supreme Court’s ruling stopped short of ordering Governor Tim Pawlenty to sign the election certificate which would make it possible to seat Franken in the Senate next week. It only said that Franken is “entitled” to it. That leaves the door open for a possible appeal or rehearing of the case if Republican Norm Colman asks for it. However, what I am hearing is that Coleman may have decided to give up the fight now. If that is true, then Gov. Pawlenty will naturally sign the election certificate and Franken will be seated when the Senate returns from the 4th of July holiday next week. (UPDATE…Norm Coleman did concede the race this afternoon.)

This will leave Minnesota with two liberal senators. Just what we need. Well, it’s probably just what we deserve, anyway. After all, this is the state which became the laughingstock of the nation back in the 1990s when we elected former-pro wrestler Jesse “the Body” Ventura as our governor. (To those of us who considered his election a joke, it came as a surprise when we realized Ventura turned out to be a serious and fairly decent governor!) And this is the state which became the only state in the union which did not vote for Ronald Reagan in the 1984 election, a fact which I still remember with chagrin and embarrassment.

So, what’s wrong with sending another clown to the Senate? There are certainly a lot of other clowns already there!

A lot of us just don’t really want him representing us!