I was just out doing my last job of the day, and when I finished I figured since I was relatively close to the stores, I would stop at our local Barnes & Noble and see what they have for ESV Bibles. I was thinking maybe it’s time to buy one that I can use comfortably and even carry to church on Sunday. I had always seen quite a collection of them at B&N, but this time I was surprised at what I found, or, to be more exact, what I didn’t find! I found three compact ESVs, three Thinline ESVs, and one ESV Study Bible.

So I decided to head over to the local Christian Book and Gift store. They always have lots of ESVs.

So I walk in the door and go back to where they keep the Bibles, and I find two Thinline ESVs, three compacts, and four ESV Study Bibles. I was literally stunned! Where are all the ESVs? Is it just the wrong time of the month or something?

The way it looks locally today, I think I will have to buy online if I decide to really get serious about the ESV!