I came to a real epiphany a couple days ago when I read the article at the Christianity Today liveblog by Timothy C. Morgan entitled “The New Remnant: Evangelical Episcopalians”.

Did I read that right? Does that mean there are still some evangelicals within the Episcopal Church, evangelicals who are not planning, at this time at least, to leave the Episcopal Church?

I am dumbfounded!

I admit there have been times when I was very down on my own denomination, the United Methodist Church, to the point where I seriously considered leaving it. And in fact I did leave it for a few months several years ago. But I came back, because I believed that God wanted me in the UMC for a purpose.

Now as frustrating as being in the UMC can be, it’s really not that bad when compared with the Episcopal Church. The UMC has stood firm in the face of increasing pressure from the liberal/progressive faction within the church to accept the homosexualists into all aspects of the church. There appears to be no chance any more of that happening in the UMC, although those people maintain a strong presence within the church leadership, including our council of bishops.

But suppose the same thing that happened in the Episcopal Church last week happened in the UMC. What would I do? Would I get up and leave? Or would I stick around and try to fight what the liberals are doing?

Where do you draw the line in the sand?

Well, I’m still in the UMC. But if I were in the ECUSA, I think I would honestly have fled by now. In the UMC we seem to have a sort of balance of powers. But in the ECUSA the liberals have taken over. There is really no hope of any real change back to the more orthodox faith of the greater Anglican Communion. The only thing the evangelical remnant in the ECUSA can realistically hope for is continued dialog, that is, a place at the table. There are enough so-called open-minded liberals in the ECUSA who would be willing to listen to the evangelical side of any argument, before they dismiss it out of hand. These people would be token evangelicals, just kept around for the amusement of the liberal majority, to help them remember how backward those evangelical hicks really are.

By now, I would be gone. I would have given up on the Episcopal Church. I would probably be active in the new Anglican Church in North America.

But I think the more important question is, has God given up on the Episcopal Church?