That’s kind of a strange thing to think about – do you trust your Bible?

As many of you are aware, I have been struggling a bit with the New Living Translation (NLT). As I read along I find something that sounds a little strange, and I go and check other translations to see how they render that particular word or passage.

I’m still not too comfortable with the way the translators at Tyndale rendered Romans 6. I still think it sounds like they are saying we are joined with Christ by being baptized in water, but I have finally come to the point where I have accepted that it will have to be a discussion point in our Bible study classes.

But there are other passages where they have done an exceptional job. I’m thinking particularly of Isaiah 53. Nobody ever made that chapter so clear!

I just got done reading Genesis in the NLT, and have started Exodus. I’m still keeping my other translations handy, and check them whenever I see something that makes me pause. Lo and behold, (unusual words for me to use!) I have found in almost every instance, the NLT has simply rendered the word or passage in question in a clearer and more contemporary fashion!

In other words, I am starting to trust the NLT! It’s not nearly as bad as I thought!

Now that doesn’t mean I don’t have a lot of reading to do yet. Oh no, I will probably have to spend a lot of time and read most of the Bible in the NLT before I can reach the point where I believe it’s a very trustworthy translation. It’s certainly easy to read, but that doesn’t mean I know that I can trust it.

At this point, I can honestly say I trust the Tyndale translators to have translated the Bible as faithfully as they knew how, considering the limits of their translation philosophy. That’s good.

I have also accepted, of course, that there are no perfect translations.

So in the end, I will have to decide for myself whether or not the passages in the NLT which bother me the most are so important as to make me reject the NLT, or to accept it, with its perceived failings in mind.

All I’ll say right now is, so far so good.