As I said in my previous post today, I’ve basically been offline since Thursday afternoon. I stopped in here to make a quick post Friday morning just to let you all know that they would be shutting our electricity off and I wouldn’t be online.

So anyway, I get online this morning and am reading the comments on the discussion about MacArthur’s trashing of the TNIV, which was happening mostly on TC’s blog New Leaven. It appears that maybe this discussion has wound down and has probably ended. But one thing I noticed, it was pointed out that the clip of MacArthur’s remarks was made back in 2006.

Yup, that was 2006. Three years ago.

So we’re getting our undies in a bunch over remarks that are basically old news.

Well, old news or not, it was still news to me. It’s been so hard to get such news from the MacArthur crew over the years regarding translations. All I really ever knew was that he uses the NASB in his own studies and has put out the NASB Mac SB, as well as the NKJV Mac SB; plus there has been some talk about an ESV version of the Mac SB; and the GTY website has long had a Q&A lineup that appeared to endorse the NIV as a good translation, too. What I heard from him on that video seems to pull back from the NIV somewhat.

I just wonder if he heard from the TNIV people about his remarks. I wonder if he’s tempered his impressions of the TNIV since then.

Oh well, whatever.

I hope he has changed his mind about the TNIV, but I won’t hold my breath. I suppose it has made me think a little less of him and his ministry, but only in that I wish he wouldn’t comment on translations any more; or if he must, then be a little more open-minded about it.