My pastor and his wife, Bart and Claudia Fletcher, have written a book about their experiences as Mom & Dad to twelve … that’s right … TWELVE children, all of them ADOPTED!

I want to go on record here and now as being pro-adoption. No, I was not adopted by my parents; they are my flesh-and-blood parents. But I have been adopted by my heavenly Father, as have you if you are a follower of Jesus Christ. And if the Lord loved us so much that He adopts us into His family, we can’t stand idly by while children in this world have no parents, can we?

I want to point you to this new book by Bart and Claudia. If you have any thoughts at all that you might be interested in adopting a child, this is one you should buy and read.

From the book website:

If you are any where in the process of adoption or foster care, this book is for you. Giving a detailed account of how they were able to adopt twelve children from U.S. foster care and a Guatemalan orphanage in just 12 years, Bart and Claudia share their story. Not only do they share what happened to them, but what they learned in process. So if you are anywhere from the inquiry stage to the point where your adopted children are leaving home, you will understand and benefit from this book.
What is a home study? How do I make that first call?
What are social workers looking for?
How do I know which kid is right for me?
How do I get matched with a child?
How do I survive the first few months of placement?
At the end of each segment of their journey, the “What We Learned” section will answer these questions and others that you wouldn’t even think to ask. If you are on this journey, or considering taking that first step, the book was written with you in mind.

If you’re interested, click on this link or on the book in the sidebar —->