Al Mohler has published a blog post concerning the morality of women in combat situations. He writes:

Before 2001, very few American women ever saw action in battle, except when taken by surprise. Now, women are routinely deployed in combat situations in both Iraq and Afghanistan — and all this in defiance of established policy. (emphasis mine)

It wasn’t that long ago that the idea of women in combat fighting for the United States was unthinkable! But it has become so common over the past decade that most of us have thought it must be a matter of policy in the military. We have just come to accept it (and hope that our daughters don’t want to join!).

Now it comes out that we have just been looking the other way, not realizing that these women are not supposed to be there, accepting it but wishing it were not so.

Dr. Mohler continues:

Are we a nation ready to admit that our men must be accompanied by women on the battlefield? Are we ready to break down the necessary lines of respect between men and women? Is this really who we are? Will Americans look the other way and refuse to see this quiet circumvention of morality?

Maybe it’s time that we wake up and tell our military leaders and those in charge in Washington that we don’t want women in combat!

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