I just want to finish my day today by giving you a recommendation of a wonderful book, the one you see me advertising in my sidebar, “Out of Many, One Family”.

I have read the book through now, and it is a hearty recommendation I give! Sure, it’s good if you are doing foster care; it’s good if you are an adoptive parent, or are in the process of becoming an adoptive parent, or are just thinking about becoming an adoptive parent. But more than that, it’s a good book even if you never expect to adopt or be a foster parent!

I tell you this: my wife, who never reads, couldn’t put this book down! She read it through in less than two days, and was hungering for more!

I understand the book is selling for a mere $15 now, still a great bargain!

To get yours, go to this link: http://www.outofmanyonefamily.com/