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Tim Chesterton caught me by surprise when he wrote on his blog “Tale Spin” that the TNIV was killed by the Christian Right.

He blamed “James Dobson, John Piper, Wayne Grudem and the rest of the Christian Right” for the demise of the TNIV.

I have to chuckle. I consider myself to be on the Christian Right, and I love the TNIV!

I don’t think it was a right/left thing at all. The dividing line just happened to fall roughly along the line between right and left, but it’s a very blurry line. Those supposedly Christian Right people he spoke of are mainly concerned that the original manuscripts (as if they even exist) be translated as exactly word-for-word as is possible, or practical. The other side, supposedly the Left, are more concerned that it be translated so as to be easily understandable.

Now I don’t think that has anything to do with right and left. Am I wrong?

What good is it to have a Bible you can’t understand?

This is an area where the TNIV really shone. It was an excellent mediating translation, highly accurate, yet easy to understand.

And I hope, and expect, that the new NIV 2011 will be the same way.