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I’m quite hopeful about what the CEB is going to give us in a couple years as the new NIV 2011. I still love the TNIV and am continuing to use it.

But I’m horrified and frustrated with what I’m seeing on the blogs these days. I see posts by people whose ministries have been great blessings to me over the years, who are now basically saying “Good riddance to the TNIV!” The latest of these is Dan Phillips at Pyromaniacs.

I am very sad that such fine pastors and scholars seem to feel that they know what is important about Bible translation, and then proceed to make their ignorance visible to everyone on their blogs.

And if that isn’t bad enough, then all the little toadies come out from under their rocks and say stupid stuff like, “I’ve never read the TNIV, but I know it’s a bad translation, just like that evil NIV! I’m really, really, really, REALLY happy with my ESV! It’s the best translation in the whole world!”

I’ve had just about all of this I can take. They all think the TNIV is dead, and they’re out there beating on its carcass. It’s like the whole TNIV vs. ESV debate all over again, but this time the ESV people think they’re dancing on the TNIV’s grave.

Well, such stupidity and arrogance is just more reason for me to refuse to use the ESV. Sorry guys, those of you who like your ESVs, but I can’t even look at an ESV until this all blows over. Why, I’m even considering using the NRSV instead!

Ah, what a pain in the rear this is all turning out to be!