I’ve been pondering this question for some time now. I’ve come to the conclusion that, while I may not be exactly a biblioblogger, I write a related blog.

You know, I don’t usually do any scholarly examinations of scripture and the original languages, though I will occasionally make some kind of an attempt at it. I do enjoy learning about the different English translations; and I write a lot about Christianity, faith, and churches/denominations. That’s where my interests lie.

I do read the official biblioblogs quite a lot, and write comments on them, though I tend to shy away from the more difficult, technical posts, especially when they’re talking about Greek grammar or such. That is, I read them, but I probably won’t make a comment for fear of revealing my ignorance.

I think my blog could be said to be a “Christian” blog, or a “Bible” blog, or a “Faith” blog, or something like that.

(But I like to hang around with the bibliobloggers! 😉 )