I have just started a new blog … a baseball blog! If you’re a baseball fan, especially if you’re a Twins fan, you might be interested in coming over and taking a look at what I’m working on.

It’s called Armchair in the Dugout. (Click on the link.)

I’m not very far with it yet. I only have one post done, and i still have changes to make and links to enter, and so on.

But I’m hoping to have a nice, comfortable, free-and-easy style blog for those of you who aren’t so interested in reading some “expert” spout his mouth off about what he thinks. I’ve read enough blog comments and discussion board comments from people like that, who think they’re so smart and want to point out how stupid somebody else is. It’s not pleasant reading. But my blog will be different, I hope, because I’m just a fan.

Anyway, come and take a look if you’re interested.