I know it’s only the third day that my new baseball blog has been up and running…

… but I’m concerned because the first day I had 11 hit, yesterday I had 9 hits, and today, as of right now at 12:45 pm CDT I have … zero hits.

Should that mean something to me? I don’t know, I’m mostly just putting my baseball-based thoughts in writing. It’s not a baseball news blog, so I’m not going to expect people to come there for baseball news. I’m just trying to “weave my thoughts into the tapestry that is baseball.”

If any of you are real baseball fans, or Twins fans; or if you enjoy the way I write, or whatever, maybe you could bookmark my new blog and check it once in a while. It’s at http://adugout.wordpress.com/

I’d appreciate it.

UPDATE: I’m breathing a little easier now, thanks to you! I have five hits in the last two hours. Not much, but it sure beats zero! 😉