A couple days ago I posted an “Update on my NLT Experience” in which I made the following statement near the end of the post:

“I doubt that I will ever be using the NLT as my main Bible, especially for study. I prefer something more formal and possibly more true to the originals, which I just don’t find in the NLT.”

Well, I want you to know that my mind is being gradually changed.

The NLT is so clear and easy-to-read, yet it is also quite accurate. It’s not without its imperfections, but that’s the nature of Bible translation. I am finding more and more lately that when I read a passage in a different translation, I find myself wondering how the NLT puts it, and I go and get my NLT and check it out. I’m almost embarrassed to say how often I am pleased with the NLT’s rendering. It’s getting so the NLT is the first Bible I pick up.

Why do I find it almost embarrassing? Well, you may or may not remember the old Living Bible. It was a paraphrase, plain and simple. It was put down by many as “not the Word of God” and even “the Dead Bible”. Now I know a few Christian people who still use and love the Living Bible. I think you may even be able to still purchase a virtually new copy of that Bible through some outlets. But the people I hung out with for many years roundly condemned the Living Bible, as did I.

Be that as it may, I have felt pangs of embarrassment to be using a Bible recently that is related to the Living Bible. But now I am trying to push aside that old prejudice and learn to accept the New Living Translation. But more than accepting it, I’m finding it to be a very special translation, because it’s so clear! I find I can’t put it down! And I’m starting to recommend it to people, which is something I thought I could never seriously do! The people at Tyndale have really done a great job with the translation, and now it appears they are doing a great job marketing it, too!

The NLT isn’t a perfect Bible; nothing is! But if you want to gain a much greater understanding of what the Bible says, you can’t get a clearer translation than the NLT.

Me? I guess I’m now a fan!