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I finished up my reading from the Old Testament in the NLT for the time being on Saturday, and was moved to go to the Gospel of John, a gospel I spent four years studying in our adult Bible study group at my local church.

Sunday afternoon and evening I read nine chapters of John. The story was so familiar. I had studied it so deeply over those years, and there it was the same story, all the same.

And yet, I was reading it in the NLT! I must be missing something! The nuances! …they’re…they’re…they’re all there.

The story is the same. How can that be? The words are different, but the story is the same! Nothing is missing; nothing appears to be added.

You don’t suppose that this easy-to-read translation could be the written Word of God, just like the ESV and the NASB and the NRSV and the NIV and the … KJV … are, do you?

I’m gonna keep reading!