OK, I think I’m online now.

I got to work this morning and fired up the old bodanker, and it worked just fine, as usual. I read all my email, and took a look at a couple blogs, and then all of a sudden the screen went black!

Well, that computer belonged to my co-worker; it was an old one he had brought into the shop to use himself, and then when he got himself a new netbook he said I could use that old desktop, and so that’s where I’ve resided during my free time here at work … until today.

My co-worker, while not a real computer expert, knows a lot more about it than I do. He determined that the old beast lost its motherboard. It is deceased. It is no more. It has kicked the bucket. It is an ex-motherboard.

Since that was not a business computer, it’s passing means it will most likely not be replaced, unless I happen to buy a computer myself for use here. And that won’t happen, for a while at least.

So at this point I have moved into the boss’s office and am using his new old laptop. (It’s new to him, but it’s old. Does that make sense?) Anyway, it’s new enough that my co-worker was able to put Google’s browser, “Chrome” on it, and it’s working quite well with that, if a bit slow. The monitor doesn’t have quite the nice resolution I would like to have, but beggars can’t be choosers.

So at least I’m back online and able to do most everything I was doing before, including writing on my blog!

But I was a little worried for a while.