I came online this morning and was checking my discussion board, and discovered a private message from my dear friend, brother-in-Christ, and board founder, Richard, asking about my blog. Where is it, and do we have discussions or can we just read.

Well, of course I wrote him back, telling him the address, and also how to find the comments/discussion.

That is one thing that surprised me when I first started blogging, was that we do have discussions, lots of them, and good discussions at that. I thought a blog would be just a place where I would write down my own opinions and other people would read them, and that would be that. (Sounds kinda boring, doesn’t it?) But I think someone would have to have some very polarizing opinions and state them consistently very well to garner a good and loyal readership. How many bloggers do you know who can do that?

When I discovered that there were actually discussions going on, and when I worked up the gumption to join in, a whole new world opened up before me! I found wonderful friends that I would never have found if not for the world of blogging.

Blogging is similar to discussion boards, in that we join in discussions, and generally we’re like-minded (though we may disagree) or we wouldn’t be reading the same blogs. But blogging is different than discussion boards in that we all usually have our own websites (blogs) and we each control the discussions on our own blogs. Many of us concentrate our blogs on one particular area, like Bible translations, for instance. Others, like this blog, are more general Christian blogs with some special interests as well.

Anyway, I encourage everyone who comes here to read and comment to think about starting your own blog and see the new world that opens up before you!