My mom & dad are coming to visit this weekend. They live 250 miles from here, in northern Minnesota. We rarely see them because of the distance. We usually try to get up there to visit once a year or so, but we didn’t get up there this summer. They did come down here to southern Minnesota for the family reunion in July (or was it late June?), so we spent time with them there.

Mom & Dad will be arriving late Friday afternoon, spend Saturday and Sunday with us, and leave Monday, probably in the morning to continue their trip down to southern Iowa to visit my baby brother who is turning 50 years old on Oct. 25. Mom & Dad’s 63rd wedding anniversary is also coming up in a few days, so we will be announcing that in church Sunday, and we plan to have all our kids (their grandkids), our kids’ kids (their great-grandkids) and a few other relatives and friends at the church fellowship hall Sunday for lunch.

It has been quite a few years since Mom & Dad visited our home. I think the last time was in the early 2000s when my dad was still quite able-bodied and he worked while he was here to rebuild our deck. (That deck had originally been built by a neighbor and his buddy, accompanied by a 24-pack of beer. It was starting to fall apart at that time.) Dad is still very able-bodied for his age (mid-80s) but he has macular degeneration and is virtually blind now. Mom does all the driving now, but she has had back surgery for a degenerative condition and is also dealing with pulmonary hypertension.

Our house is showing the years of neglect it has had, and we are kind of ashamed to have them see it. But my wife and I have been spending a lot of time in recent weeks trying to make it presentable, and I think we can have Mom & Dad here without too much shame now. But tomorrow is probably going to be a busy day. I am taking Friday and Monday off from work. There are still a few projects around the house that I hope to complete before they arrive Friday evening. My wife has been pretty much going nuts for the past few weeks trying to get ready. But the time is almost here now, and we expect it to be a very nice weekend with Mom & Dad.