I’m here! I’ve been here all day.

Just finished my long four-day weekend, and have been here online today, but at work as always. I’ve checked out all my e-mail, and the discussion board, several blogs, and comments on previous posts here on this blog. I’ve posted a couple items on the discussion board, but this is the first I’ve posted here. We’ve been pretty busy here at work, so I haven’t had too much time to get the important things done around the blogdom.

Had a great time with Mom & Dad over the weekend, and yesterday morning they headed out to continue their journey down to southern Iowa to visit my baby brother (who’s turning 50 next week!). We got lots of work done on Friday and Monday in preparation for their visit. Actually, the work we did Monday was stuff we didn’t have time to get to on Friday. There are still major projects to take care of around the house before the snow flies, but the house was presentable for Mom & Dad when they came.

Anyway. Good to see the blogs didn’t stand still while I was away.