According to my Blog Stats, (which are so easily accessible thanks to WordPress!) this is my 500th post here at Sundry Times!

But of course it really isn’t.

If you remember my old blog, “A Friend of Christ”, you know, that blog’s posts were rolled into this one some time ago. I “merged” the two blogs.

There was also that baseball blog I did for a short time. Those posts are also here.

And a couple weeks ago I spent a couple hours one afternoon going through the archives deleting some posts that had been doubled-up, for some reason. I never did finish that job, but only got about halfway through the archives. So if I get around to finishing that job sometime, I may get to celebrate this 500th post once again, because I assume there would be a number of posts deleted that would drop the total below 500.

But I sure am enjoying writing this blog! 😉