I was just perusing the latest Top 50 Biblioblog ratings. I always find it fun to look through those and see where my friends are rated. Of course, my blog is always down at about #243 or so, so I have never really paid close attention.

So I just noticed that my friend Kevin Sam had made it into the top 50 and #50 this past month (Yay, Kevin!) and I continued on down the list, and suddenly…Wha’? Hey, my name’s on the list! Of course, I’m not in the top 50, but there it is at #72! Huh! Somebody must have noticed my blog! Huh!

And then I see that my blog dropped 15 places last month, down from #57 in September!

Man, how did I miss that? I was way up there at #57 and I never even knew it! Ha! I had been so busy writing on my blog and discussing stuff with my friends to notice!

OK, well, I guess I’ll just have to parade around this month shouting “I’m number 72! I’m number 72!” 😉

Seriously folks, I’m humbled. This blog isn’t always a serious biblioblog by any means. I just want to thank you all for stopping by and checking it out, linking to my blog, and to my wonderful blogging friends for being my friends.