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This morning before coming to work I happened to catch a Wal-Mart commercial on TV. The fact that it was Wal-Mart is not important. It could have been just about any big-box retailer. The point was that now that Halloween is over, it’s time for Christmas (shopping).

All I could think was, what about Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a perfectly legitimate holiday. It comes directly from our American history, and is something that all Americans, schoolchildren and adults alike, should be very aware of and participate in. It has only in recent years been relegated to the dustheap of our national consciousness. Most people nowadays refer to it as “Turkey-day” and think of it as a holiday to commemorate gluttony and football. It most certainly is not that!

Come on, America! Let’s wake up and remember the many wonderful things we have to be thankful for! Let’s not skip over Thanksgiving on our way from Halloween to Christmas!

And remember who it is that deserves our thanks, that One who guided our ancestors to this fair land and caused them, and us, to prosper here for many years! God hasn’t forgotten us, America! Let’s not forget Him now!