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Chuck Colson, in his latest column on the Christian Post, talks about how the History Channel has been doing programs lately on the 16th century “prophet” Nostradamus. He says in part:

“…For many years, the network was nicknamed the “Hitler Channel” because of all the shows it ran on World War II and the Nazis. Today, a better nickname would be the “Nostradamus Channel.” Hardly a day goes by without at least one show touting some doomsday scenario and how it was foretold…

…We are told that for “5,000 years, prophets around the world”-including, of course, Nostradamus-“have predicted the end of days.” Operating “independently,” they have concluded that 2012 will be a “time of extraordinary shift.”

One so-called expert told viewers that “we’re on the verge of the biggest riot of all time.” Another said that “we are reaching a confluence of tipping points.” These tipping points include climate change, financial upheaval, political unrest, crop failures, terrorism, and nuclear war, to name but a few…”

From BreakPoint, November 2, 2009, Copyright 2009, Prison Fellowship Ministries

So, the earth, or the age, according to these doomsday prophets, will end in 2012. Normal, common-sense people like you meet everyday are starting to believe this stuff. And I suppose it is intriguing, especially to the unbeliever.

But it can also get a lot of pre-mil folks started, if they’re not careful. And I am unabashedly premillennial, as are quite a number of Bible scholars these days. We see the world spiraling downward towards what appears to be the final judgment, the battle of Armageddon, and so on, and these predictions, the idea that 2012 will be the last year plays right into that scenario. We want to latch onto anything that will give us a possible date.

But we must not do that. First of all, the scriptures are very clear that we will not know when it will happen, though we may be able to judge the season. We simply may not be able to tell that closely.

But more importantly, by looking to such “prophets” as Nostradamus, or the Mayan calendar, we are proving to God that we do not trust Him. We are looking to false prophets because we think they will tell us what God won’t. I think by doing this we may be calling down wrath upon our own heads. We are showing not only God, but our neighbors in the world that we are not stable enough to trust what God says. We are too weak, and we stand here shaking in our boots as we see what is going on in the world, and since the Bible isn’t good enough we turn to other prophets, who are not prophets at all, but are tools of the devil to deceive us.

Don’t worry about what Nostradamus wrote. Don’t worry about what the Mayan calendar shows. Don’t worry. Instead, be strong in the Lord! He is our rock and our salvation! It doesn’t matter what comes our way; put all your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, and don’t turn aside to false prophets who can lead you to your destruction.