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EasleySmIt’s 2009, sixty-four years since the end of World War Two. That generation, often called “the greatest generation”, many of them are well into their 80s, and many have already passed on. Before those fine men and women are gone from this earth, we need to hear their stories. They need to be recorded before they are lost forever.

Today, Veterans Day 2009, I am doing my part by linking here on this blog to the story of my own father’s time spent fighting on Leyte and Okinawa during WWII. His memoirs are officially called “One Soldier’s Story” A Father’s Experiences From The Leyte and Okinawa Campaigns of World War II, by Jacob Wesley Zimmerli, US 37 586 226, Sergeant.

Dad wrote this a few years ago for his sons, my brothers and me. I would now like to share it with you, that the memory of what my dad did in WWII would live on.

By clicking on this link or on the image in the right sidebar, you will get a printable pdf file of all 56 pages of my dad’s memoirs. I hope you take the time to read and enjoy it.

deadeyelogoTanDad was a member of the Deadeye Division. Please click on this link to visit a very special website called “Remember the Deadeyes”.