I have read comments from my fellow bloggers to the effect that what they see in the new Common English Bible isn’t enough to make them leave their TNIV or ESV or NRSV or whatever other translation they prefer.

I can see that. I agree, for the most part. At this time I certainly have no intention of making the CEB my main translation, or -heaven forbid- my only translation. I am at least as excited about the upcoming NIV 2011 revision, plus it appears that the International Standard Version is nearing completion.

So why am I excited so interested? Well, it’s simply because I am a lifetime member of the United Methodist Church, and from what I’ve been reading, it appears that the CEB will probably replace the venerable NRSV in our UM churches. And the fact that, judging from the Matthew sampler, the translation team appears to have done a bang-up job on it only makes it easier to become more enthusiastic.

I know the CEB is not perfect. No translation is. I know the CEB has some rather unorthodox wording in places. But if the Matthew sampler is any indication, the CEB will be a refreshing new translation that will help the Bible come alive for many of my fellow United Methodists and other mainliners.

And that can’t be bad, can it?