If you’re a regular, or maybe even not-so-regular reader of the Sundry Times, you will already have noticed a change here.

I’ve changed themes again! That big banner is gone!

You know, I really love that picture of Jesus and two disciples on the road to Emmaus the afternoon of that Resurrection Sunday (that real Resurrection Sunday!), where Jesus is explaining to them from all the prophets, talking with them about how the Messiah had to be killed, and then resurrected on the third day, and at that point they didn’t even know who he was, but their hearts burned within them! What a wonderful picture!

But it was just too big and distracting. I get tired of seeing that same old stuff all the time. I wanted something clean and easy to read, yet professional in appearance. And among all the themes available to us on WordPress.com, I think this one fits the bill the best. (It kind of reminds me of the inside of my TNIV Reference Bible!)

So if you like this, enjoy! If you don’t like it, well just stick around a while, I’ll probably change it soon. 😉