Last Friday I decided I wanted to change my picture. I was a little tired of Oliver Hardy, and I thought I wanted a picture of a cup of coffee, or a cup alongside a Bible, or a cup, a Bible, and a laptop. The main thing was that cup of coffee, and while I found examples of all three of those, I settled on a line drawing of a cup of coffee with the steam coming off the top.

So I set that up as my picture.

Then over the weekend I started feeling kind of funny about it. I didn’t want my image to just be a cup of coffee all around the blogosphere. I wanted something with a face. I wanted to put a face on my blog.

So this morning I’m back with Oliver Hardy. I don’t know if that cup of coffee will show up any more, but I’m trying to get it all back to Ollie.

Laurel & Hardy are my favorite comedy team, and Ollie looks a lot more like me than Stan does, so Ollie it is!