I signed the Manhattan Declaration the day it came out online. I still don’t apologize for it, and I don’t plan on having my name removed.

Many of my fellow bloggers, and many well-known evangelical pastors and leaders have since written against it. I don’t think any less of them for it.

I know our differences with Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox people are vast. I know that my signing the declaration may not cause anything to happen. I know that the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only way we will see the end of such evils in the world. I know the battle belongs to the Lord, and not to us.

But isn’t the enemy of my enemy my ally?

The Roman Catholic Church is frequently in the headlines for fighting against the very same evils that I hate. Yet my fellow Christians would tell me that rather than stand with them against those evils I should refrain. They are taking the opportunity to attack the RCC and the EOC because of our differences.

I don’t understand that. It’s not really about the Gospel, it’s about standing together against a common enemy.

I’m disgusted with the whole thing, and I don’t want to talk about it any more.