I am always a bit amused…

I can work for hours writing a well-thought-out post, being very careful how I word it, and when it’s finally ready I post it proudly… and not a soul comments.

On the other hand, I can throw something together at the end of the day in 15 minutes and get it out there, and just because I have something about my denomination in the title, the Wesley Report picks up on it, posts a link to it, and people read it for days and I get numerous comments.

The previous post, about the UMC and elders, I threw together yesterday at the end of the day in about 20 minutes. It was just something that has been churning in my mind for months, and I finally decided to write out my thoughts. I didn’t write it very well, and I’m not particularly satisfied with what I wrote. But the Wesley Report saw it and linked to it, and suddenly I had 51 hits on that post yesterday and another 31 hits already today.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the traffic. The Wesley Report is a good partner for me to get my thoughts out there for people to read.

I was talking with my co-worker about it a while ago (he’s also a dedicated Christian) and he likened it to his own experiences in his ministry. He said there were times when he worked very hard on a sermon, and when he delivered it he thought he did such a great job, but the response was so flat he started asking if he was Elijah, and he just wanted to go away somewhere and hide and get depressed. Then on the other hand there were times when he thought he did a terrible job, and wanted to hang his head in despair, but his people would then comment all week long about how wonderful his message was and how much it meant to them.